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Debunking Common Myths About Stem Cells

Stem cell therapy has become an increasingly popular treatment for many ailments and injuries, from cancer to third-degree burns. Now, at iGlow, we’re harnessing the power of stem cells to help your hair and skin look younger and healthier.

What are Stem Cells, and What are They Used For?

All specialized cells in the body, such as blood, skin, and brain cells, are made up of stem cells. As stem cells divide, they have the potential to develop into any type of cell. This means that stem cells from a donor can replace or help regenerate cells that are damaged or missing.

While stem cells are best known for their use in treating medical conditions, they are becoming a popular option for regenerative cosmetic procedures. Stem cells can be used to:

  • Encourage hair regrowth
  • Promote collagen production
  • Improve skin texture
  • Restore a receding hairline

Common Myths About Stem Cell Therapies

There’s no shortage of controversy surrounding stem cell therapy. The treatment has been a subject of debate for more than 50 years. As researchers explore new potential uses for stem cells and cutting-edge healing strategies, myths about stem cell therapy abound.

Let’s break down three of the biggest myths about stem cells, how they work, and where they come from.

Stem Cells Come From Embryos

Early stem cell research relied on donor cells derived from embryos and fetuses, making the therapy controversial or even forbidden in many circles. Today; however, most donor cells come from placental tissue, umbilical cord blood, or adult tissues such as fat or bone marrow. Some patients even donate their own stem cells.

Treatments at iGlow Med Spa use adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs), which come from fatty tissue. Like other types of stem cells, ADSCs encourage tissue regeneration and may stimulate collagen production.

The Body Rejects Foreign Stem Cells

Common misconceptions state that the body will reject stem cells from a donor or that the patient will need to take immunosuppressive drugs to prevent rejection.

While more research on the matter is needed, current evidence suggests that rejection is unlikely in most cases. This is especially true when the donor cells are derived from the patient.

At iGlow, we use only patient-derived ADSCs to minimize potential rejection risks.

Stem Cell Therapy is Painful

Some stem cell therapies, such as bone marrow transplants, are indeed painful. However, regenerative cosmetic stem cell treatments are usually no more uncomfortable than any other type of injection. In fact, they are often less painful because we numb the area being treated with a topical anesthetic before the injection.

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