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At iGlow Med Spa, we understand that achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is crucial to your wellness journey. We offer cutting-edge medical weight loss medications tailored to your unique needs. Our dedicated team provides expert guidance and support throughout your weight loss journey, ensuring you achieve sustainable results. Our weight loss treatments include Semaglutide and Tirzepatide, depending on your unique needs.


Semaglutide is a medication that has shown significant promise in weight management. Originally developed to treat diabetes, it mimics a hormone that targets areas of the brain involved in appetite regulation. This medication helps reduce hunger and increase feelings of fullness, leading to a decrease in caloric intake and significant weight loss. At iGlow Med Spa, we utilize Semaglutide as part of a comprehensive weight loss plan to help you achieve your health goals safely and effectively.


Tirzepatide is another breakthrough medication that combines the actions of two hormones to enhance its weight loss effects. It reduces appetite and improves the body’s ability to process sugar and fat, enhancing overall metabolic health. This dual-action approach makes Tirzepatide an effective option for those struggling with weight loss and related metabolic issues like type 2 diabetes. At iGlow Med Spa, our experts will evaluate if Tirzepatide is the right choice for you, ensuring a personalized approach to your weight loss journey.

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