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What is Eon Laser?

At iGlow Med Spa, we offer the most innovative and successful treatments around the world to leave our patients satisfied and glowing. Nurse Nataly at iGlow Beverly Hills, an experienced medical expert, is offering body contouring with one of the most high-tech sculpting devices in the beauty industry: the Eon laser.

The Eon Laser

The Eon Laser is a touch-free robotic device that maps out the body and scans it for centralized fat cells. Using your personal body map, a 1064nm laser will be used to heat and destroy unwanted fat cells in the target areas. This is not considered a painful treatment and the Eon cooling mechanism will keep you comfortable. You can eliminate fat in the abdomen, hips, thighs, and more to achieve your ideal contour. The treatment only takes about 20 minutes, requires no recovery time, and has been shown to reduce fat by over 20%.

How Does it Work?

The high-tech Eon Laser uses a robotic arm with a laser attached to its end to scan the body in quadrants, identifying and eliminating fat cells without ever making contact with the skin. The laser emits heat at a high temperature, forcing the fat cells beneath the skin into apoptosis, the process of cellular death. Simultaneously, the device emits cool temperatures which work to prevent injury to the muscle or skin and maintain comfort during treatment.

Benefits of the EON Laser

The Eon Laser works quickly and efficiently to give you the result you are looking for within 6 to 12 weeks after treatment. After a 60-minute session, a 21.6% reduction in fat was shown in patients after 12 weeks, according to a study conducted by Eon. Following treatment, no downtime is required and patients are permitted to return to their daily lives and activities as normal. The cooling mechanism in the touch-free device ensures that the deep muscles and skin are protected from injury, while the heating mechanism targets only the localized fat cells.

Is the Eon Laser Right for You?

The best candidates for the Eon Laser are healthy individuals with centralized fat deposits who are slightly overweight or currently at their ideal weight. The treatment is best paired with exercise and a healthy diet. If you are an active and healthy individual with pockets of fat that simply do not respond to exercise and diet, the Eon Laser could be the perfect option for you. With realistic expectations, the treatment can also be effective for individuals with a higher body mass index.

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