What is the OMG-Shot?

The OMG shot is a nonsurgical procedure that Nurse Nataly uses the woman’s own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from a simple blood draw, to rejuvenate vaginal tissues and enhance sexual pleasure. The FDA approved PRP treatment immediately activates the body’s localized stem cells and begins rejuvenating and revitalizing vaginal and clitoral function helping women experience orgasms with increased intensity. Nurse Nataly is trained to perform this breakthrough procedure and have then thousands of OMG-SHOT over the years. As woman Nurse Nataly understands the issues patients go through as she experienced these issues on her own and so she experienced herself and Nurse Nataly helps woman to achieve the same experience.   

OMG-Shot Work?

Nurse Nataly starts with a simple blood draw from the patient’s arm. Using an FDA approved centrifuge, platelets and growth factors are separated to create PRP. After applying a numbing cream to the vagina, a very thin needle is used to inject the PRP near the clitoris and the upper area of the vagina that is most important for sexual pleasure (the O-spot). The entire process takes about 30 minutes and women experience little to no discomfort. Patients experience the benefit of the OMG Shot almost immediately with full rejuvenation benefit after about 3-5 months.

OMG SHOT Treatment Results:

  • Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation
  • Rejuvenated skin of the vulva
  • Tightening of the vaginal opening
  • Stronger orgasm
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Increased ability to have vaginal orgasms (Life Changing)
  • Increased lubrication
  • Decreased pain for those suffering from painful intercourse
  • Descreased stress urinary incontinence

OMG SHOT Enhance sexual pleasure

The OMG SHOT is a simple in-office treatment, performed under local anesthesia, that can temporarily enhance the Grafenburg spot which we came to know as the  (G-Spot) in sexually active women with normal sexual function.

How Does the OMG-Shot Work?

A specially designed speculum is used to assist in the delivery of a hyaluronic filler directly into the G-Spot after local anesthesia. Hyaluronan is a common ingredient found in many health care products and can also be found naturally throughout the body. The OMG SHOT and the G-spot shot augments (enlarges) the G-Spot. The injection itself takes about 8 seconds with the entire procedure taking less than 15 minutes. The affects last 3-5 months and results do vary with each woman.

Am I a OMG-Shot Candidate?

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While results vary, most women enjoy the benefits of a single O-Shot from 6 months to 18 months.

Before you begin an OMG-Shot treatmentthe area will get numb with a cream.  Then draw blood just as we would for any standard blood test. With a super centrifuge, we’ll separate your blood into its component parts, and isolate the platelet-rich plasma.

Then Nurse Nataly will inject the area needed to be revived.

The O-Shot® should not be used on patients who are pregnant, nursing, trying to get pregnant, have an active infection, and have experienced hypersensitivity in the past or those who have severe allergies.

The price of an OMG-Shot can vary depending on your desired goals and how many sessions you’ll need to achieve them. The average price of an OMG-Shot is known to be around $1,500 -$1,800 per visit

The main signs of female arousal include:

  • Breasts getting fuller.
  • Nipples hardening (getting erect)
  • Heart rate and breathing getting faster.
  • Swelling of your clitoris and your vagina’s inner lips (labia minora)
  • Having an orgasm (climaxing)


Am I a OMG-Shot Candidate?

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