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Nurse Nataly at the KCAL9 studio

Skin care expert Nurse Nataly stopped by the KCAL9 studio Saturday morning to share some tips on combating sun damage! To the rescue is Nataly and her team at iGlow Med Spa in Beverly Hills. Known as the ‘Aesthetic Queen

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So just when we thought the storm was over with Acne, we are left with glorious acne scars from picking and popping pimples. YES, WE HAVE ALL DONE IT. SO is it fair that we are penalized with post-acne scars?

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MicroNeedling 101

Achieving nearly perfect skin is one of the biggest struggles faced by many women and men. Especially in LA, the desire to look perfect has become the norm in mainstream social media. Influencers with a large following on Instagram as

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“Sun spots and damage… The dark side of the sun”

Oh the sun. How we love and are cautious of it. We need it for Vitamin D.. it’s actually crucial for our overall health and well-being. But there’s a flip side; too much sun can leave quite the imprint on

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“Broken capillaries? Let us break them up”

Have you noticed certain areas of your face are looking a little pink? If you look closely (or maybe you don’t need to), you can see tiny blood vessels that have come to the surface. But why has this happened?

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“How to Prepare and Care for your Injectables”

You’re probably wondering before your next Botox or filler appointment, “Is there anything I need to do/no do before I get injected?” Absolutely. But not too many offices go into detail about it. Before Injectables: Refrain from drinking alcohol at

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“Big Pores No More”

Whether it’s your hereditary, damage or just aging, large pores can creep up on us. It makes your skin texture look ridged, and your make up can really look cakey. There are a few things that can help minimize the

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“No More Shaving? Where do I sign up..?”

Waxing is so 90s. It not only causes ingrowns and scarring, but the hair will always comes back. Why would you want to keep doing that?  Join us in this century, the century of LASERS. Get smooth, hair-free skin. Here

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