So just when we thought the storm was over with Acne, we are left with glorious acne scars from picking and popping pimples. YES, WE HAVE ALL DONE IT. SO is it fair that we are penalized with post-acne scars? No! But, good news is they are treatable and reversible under the care of Nurse Nataly with her most favored treatment for this particular case: PRP and Microneedling!

The PRP in combination with microneedling works WONDERS. So how does it go down?? Well, the PRP uses your OWN blood to regenerate new collagen and improve your skins elasticity. PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma…derived from your blood, is loaded with your stem cells and growth factors. It has the incredible healing ability to reverse time’s damage on your skin and tissue, and the best part is? It comes from YOU.

So what do we do with this PRP? We inject it back into the skin. We also use our incredible Medical-grade microneedling devise, and with Nurse Nataly’s hawk-eye attention to detail, you’ll get the most innovative, results-driven treatment you can possibly imagine.

The best thing about this combo is that there is little to no downtime. The micro-injuries that microneedling punctures into the deeper levels of the dermis helps regenerate new skin cells which essential works to heal the wounded scars from the inside out, building new collagen and creating a
 smoother finish.