“Broken capillaries? Let us break them up”

Have you noticed certain areas of your face are looking a little pink? If you look closely (or maybe you don’t need to), you can see tiny blood vessels that have come to the surface. But why has this happened? What can you do to get rid of them? Here’s the low down.

Capillaries are not hard to break. It can occur from a few things:

  • Aging with your hereditary
  • Being in harsh climates
  • Hormones
  • Usage of birth control pills
  • Frequent alcohol intake
  • Too much abrasion on the skin
  • Using very hot water on face
  • Rosacea

We have seen the best results with these two treatments:

Microneedling with your PRP. This procedure helps with a variety of things: acne scarring, fine lines, firmness, sun damage, melasma, and more. The microneedle helps break up anything broken beneath the skins surface and the PRP heals and regenerates.

Photofacial specifically for broken capillaries. There is a specific light wavelength within the Photofacial that specifically targets broken vessels. You can literally see them disappear within seconds!

It’s pretty easy to get broken capillaries. Now it’s our job to make them disappear!