“No More Shaving? Where do I sign up..?”

Waxing is so 90s. It not only causes ingrowns and scarring, but the hair will always comes back. Why would you want to keep doing that?  Join us in this century, the century of LASERS. Get smooth, hair-free skin.

Here are the rules of Laser Hair Removal:

  1. Shave the day of your treatment
  2. Stay OUT of the sun, at least a week before AND a week after.
  3. Be consistent: depending on which area you are having lasered, book your appointments every month and don’t miss. A full year of laser is the most effective.
  4. If you have blonde or red hair: so sorry, laser hair removal won’t work on you. There is however electrolysis.
  5. Your laser technician should be an RN, laser certified, and very experienced. Your laser technician shouldn’t be skipping all over the place, they should be overlapping, covering the whole area, and holding the hand-piece firm on the skin.
  6. CHOOSE THE RIGHT PLACE. There are groupons of course, and you can go to a cheap place that can burn you, not have the hand-piece sterilized, with little to no results, etc. Believe us, we’ve had many patients that first chose the cheap places and had horrible experiences with no results. It’s best to go to a reputable place, yes it will be more expensive. Just remember, if you go cheap and don’t have a good outcome, you’ll have to pay double to correct it somewhere else; “Cheap is expensive.”


Have any questions? We’ll answer them. Call us 310-652-0544 and get your skin HAIR FREE!