“Are you looking sleepy”

Isn’t it annoying when people ask if you’re tired, even if you feel great and slept well? It’s almost like they’re saying “Wow you look like crap.” When we look tired, that’s an indication we’ve lost volume and the aging process has officially begun.

Don’t worry, your under eye bags can be fixed. But only with the right product and technique. Believe us, we’ve seen and corrected many botched under eye jobs: everything from lumps and unevenness to the “tindling effect” that occurs with Juvederm (it’s a bluish tone where the Juvederm was injected). First and foremost, Juvederm should NEVER been injected under the eyes, especially to people with light skin. Studies have proven that with time the Juvederm will start to have a bluish tone under the skin, it will look like a slight bruise.

The best products to use under the eyes are Belotero and Restylane. Belotero is a very light product, almost like a satin serum. It fills in where you are missing volume, and spreads as well. It can also be injected superficially into deep creases and lines. Restylane is a thicker product, and great for people that have lost a lot of volume. Sometimes people that have lost so much volume, the first treatment will be done with Restylane, and the second treatment will be with Belotero. It’s like building the cake, you still need frosting J

Having your under eyes done is a very precise and delicate area. Nurse Nataly uses our Accuvein before each injection to help avoiding bruising (it’s a light that enables Nurse Nataly to see the matrix of veins). The best part is? Immediate results. Now people will ask instead, “Wow you look so good! Did you go on vacation?” Well, I saw Nurse Nataly 😉