“The Truth of Before and After Photos”

If you’ve ever been curious of a certain procedure and looked up the before and after photos, be critical of what you see. In this day and age, we have incredible technology to alter photos to realistic perfection. And this isn’t even including the advanced world of make-up and contouring.

Through photoshop, ‘filters,’ and even specific 3D cameras that many medical offices have, you can easily alter a photograph with volume loss, skin clarity, coloring, texture, you name it. They can zoom into pin-point detail. Believe us, we have tons of celebrity patients, we see them without makeup, and even they look nothing like how they do on the red carpet or in magazines.

There is not one single treatment for your skin that can give a WOW factor. It’s mainly a series of treatments that need to be done.  The skin doesn’t heal and regenerate overnight with any procedure. They all take time and all need to be customized per patient. Not all procedures work on all skin types and ethnicities, that’s why you must be very cautious in what you do.

So, don’t be fooled by these before and after photos that you see everywhere. And please don’t compare yourself to celebrities and models, you’d be surprised to know what they have to do and go through to get how they look.

We are proud to say that our before and after photos are NOT photoshopped or altered in any way. What you see with our photos is 100% authentic.