“Vampire? PRP? What’s this blood talk…”

You may have heard through the grapevine about the “Vampire Facial, Vampire Facelift” et cetera. Even though our culture got pretty obsessed with vampire movies (team Jacob!) and shows for a bit, but there’s something seriously amazing about this Vampire stuff… namely, PRP.

PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma… derived from your blood, is loaded with your stem cells and growth factors. It has the incredible healing ability to reverse time’s damage on your skin and tissue, and the best part is? It comes from YOU.

So what do we do with this PRP? We inject it back into the skin. We also use our incredible Medical-grade microneedling devise, and with Nurse Nataly’s hawk-eye attention to detail, you’ll get the most innovative, results-driven treatment you can possibly imagine.

Just think, PRP has the ability to REGROW your tissue… this means it can tighten your skin, lighten discolorations (even melasma), shrink your pores, smooth out fine lines and winkles, lift and lighten acne scarring, and give you a beautiful glow and clarity that all your friends will notice. Another insanely amazing thing it does? It regrows your HAIR. We have patients that fly in from all over the states just to get this treatment done. PRP, your blood, is truly the fountain of youth.

So did you get anything done? Nope, I just got with a vampire 😉


** Not all PRP is created equal. Some offices use PRP viles that are derived from pigs and contains unnecessary chemicals that actually destroy the effectiveness of your stem cells. Our viles are ranked the highest quality in the world, coming from the Holy land Israel. We don’t mess around with the cheap stuff.