“Maintain Your Investment”

Maintenance Treatments for our Aging Skin

Now that we know what we can do to reverse some of the signs of aging, namely, you got a Photofacial for the brown spots, did Micropen with PRP for the fine lines and pore size, and did Botox and filler to smooth and plump the skin back up… you spent all that money and now it’s time for some maintenance.

Your face is the biggest investment. It’s important to not just let it go.

Here’s a helpful list:

1) Sunscreen EVERYDAY regardless if you go outside or not.

2) Use hydrating and brightening face products

3) Treat yourself to moisturizing skin treatments

4) EndyMed Skin Tightening for your cheeks and jaw line give your complexion and skin firmness that super extra boost and immediate difference

5) Botox and Fillers only last so long. When you feel like you need more, keep on it to maintain your results.

6) Like advice for anything, drink plenty of water, try and get some rest, eat those fresh fruits and veggies, and take the best care of yourself you possibly can <3


Next week we will talk about PRP. Everyone has heard of it, but what IS it and what can it do for me?