“My face is falling, my face is falling!”

Volume Loss

Did you wake up one morning after a good night’s rest, and noticed your eyes look sunk in like you barely slept? Is your skin sagging around your mouth and neck? Have your lips lost that fullness you used to have?

Gravity takes a toll on our faces.  As much as we can do firming treatments and stimulate our collagen and elastin, when we lose volume, we simply loose volume.

So how do we build our volume back up?


Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane, Belotero and Radiesse are all fillers that help plump the skin back up. They are all similar, made for different areas of the face, and they all contain hyaluronic acid. We naturally have hyaluronic acid in our body, skin and tissue. It is a water binder, meaning it attracts water. As we age, that hyaluronic acid depletes. Sculpra is also great, it’s not filler, but it enables your tissue to rebuild collagen and hyaluronic acid. To fix that problem, we simply fill in the missing areas where you lost, and WOW!! An immediate result and difference.

To know more about all the different fillers and what areas they are best for, keep us posted for an upcoming blog just for fillers!