“Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Crinkles”

Collagen and Elasticity Loss

Many patients that walk through the door are worried about their aging skin. There are quite a few things that contribute to your skin’s loss of collagen and elasticity: age, environment, lifestyle, background, dehydration and neglect.  But regardless of what the multiple causes have been, the question remains, ‘Can we reverse this damage?’ For the majority, the answer is YES.

In order to truly rebuild collagen and elastin, the skin must have a shock-reaction so it will be forced to reproduce cells and heal the area. The most effective way of doing this is to controllably damage the skin with an ablative treatment and use PRP to aid in cellular reproduction.

If you are thinking to do a more ablative treatment, the following information is key:

Many medical offices offer the “controlled damage” approach to stimulate collagen and elastin. These can range from various chemical peels, lasers, microneedling, and high frequency. But the trick with ANY medical procedure is, if you take something away from the skin, you must give it the right building blocks so it can properly heal and rebuild.

Think of it like this… The ablative skin treatment you choose, whether it be a laser or microneedling, is the mattress of the bed.  The PRP is the mattress pad underneath. If you are going to invest in a treatment, make sure you have the building blocks to help keep your mattress in the best shape.

At iGlow Med Spa, we are firm believers in PRP. In a Blog coming soon, we will explain about the fundamentals and healing powers of PRP.


** What is Collagen and Elastin? What is PRP?

Collagen: A protein found in our skin and tissue that holds us together. Collagen gives your skin strength and helps heal wounds.

Elastin: This is the “bounce back” protein that works with Collagen in holding us together. It keeps you feeling firm and tight.

PRP: Platlet Rich Plasma, derived from your blood. It has many stem cells and growth factors.